I make abstract paintings because I love the uncertainty of this art form, and how it pushes me to get in touch with the authenticity of my self.  My goal is to create art that is profound in its simplicity, yet curious in its complexity.

I use wood for its warm characteristics and because its rigidity allows me to manipulate the paint with burning tools and sandpaper.  I love working with texture, so I often start with a heavy layer of gesso that I can alter later, and then follow with an initial covering of colorful geometric shapes that ultimately define the direction of the painting. 

Music is a critical component to my creative process.  I listen to a lot of jazz when I paint, especially the artist Kurt Elling, and often his interpretations of the works of John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.  I use the rhythm of the music to influence the rhythm of my painting, and I often put the brushes and palette aside and use my palm to hold paint and my fingers to spread it over the wood.  This technique creates an intimacy and honesty in my work, and can be seen in pieces like, “Hopeful”, “At Least the Sun…” and “A Poetic Memory.”

Sometimes when I paint I feel a connection to whatever ‘it’ is...the beautiful thing that is both bigger and smaller than me.  I’m at my best when I surrender to the unknown, and enter into a painting with the unconstrained abandon that we all had as children.  The less I think and plan, the more true my expression is, and the more joy I feel when I’m in the process of creating.

I work in a beautiful studio on Flynn Avenue in Burlington, Vermont with three other wonderful artists.  With exposed beams and brick, and tall ceilings with old, natural skylights, it is warm in its color and light, and inspirational with all of the magical energy of artists who have used the space over the years.


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